January Week 2

I made it for a second post!

This week overall has been a week of learning. I’ve had to have a lot of big and sometimes difficult conversations, but they’ve all been conversations that have really taught me things about myself and the way I approach situations. A good setting up for the rest of the year.

I’ve pretty much got over my illness from last week, and have been getting back to normal. I even managed a lot of social time this week. All my supplies for papercutting arrived earlier in the week, so I’ve been doing a bit of practising with that before I start an actual project. Hopefully I’ll get some pictures sorted out for next week to document my process.

I spent one evening this week having a really great conversation about creativity. I struggle a lot with wanting to be perceived as creative, and the constant struggle to do whatever is “right” in order to achieve this. The conversation I had got me thinking about what it means to be creative, and has made me shift my focus a little. I think I finally understand that being creative is not necessarily being “good” at creating, but instead is literally just creating. How did I not realise this before?? It seems so incredibly obvious, but I definitely have been really caught up in doing things well rather than just doing things.

So I’ve been taking that lesson and just applying it to everything I do. It’s really important to just show up for stuff. Because when you show up and start doing, that’s when you get better. I’ve been combining that lesson with being a bit easier on myself as well. I haven’t had as much spare time this week, but I’ve been trying to keep up with my yoga practice as often as I can, and making time today to sit down and write this blog post.

Have an excellent week, happy mid-way through January!


2 thoughts on “January Week 2

  1. This really spoke to me! I am just writing a blog myself about goals and one of the things I want to do this year is be more creative but I get so caught up in perfection. I love the way that you worded it here – I don’t have to be any good at it, I can just create!

    1. Thank you S-B! Once I started thinking of creativity as just creating, it really helped me to start moving away from the “oh, but it’s got to be perfect” mode of thinking we all do! ❤

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