January Week 4

Can you believe it’s almost the end of January? It’s felt both long and short. 

Sorry this post is coming a little bit late, real life has very much been happening recently. 

Last week, I started working early shifts at my job, meaning I now have an extra few hours in the day. It’s made me think a lot about how I’m managing my time outside of work, and what kind of things I prioritise. Recently, it’s been self care and balancing chores in the house with fun stuff.

The picture at the start of this post is one part of my first papercutting project I finished! As soon as I finished it, I did find myself picking up on a lot of the mistakes I made. However, I was surprised when that got overtaken by the sheer joy of finishing something. I’d finished a creative project in something I have very little knowledge about, and it wasn’t bad! I’ve always loved the feeling of finishing something I’ve been working on, and honestly, it’s one of my main motivations for doing a lot of what I do: the feeling of “YES I DID THE THING”.

On a similar note, congratulating ourselves is incredibly important. I’m definitely better at it than I was, but I still try and take five at the end of my day to think about something cool / scary / interesting that I did over the course of today. I would highly recommend it.

I’ll be back on Sunday to have a think about how my February is going so far – hope it’s going well for all of you too!


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